Wordpress hack removal

We are under attack.

More than 30 000 websites are infected with some form of malware daily and according to research, about 85% of all mallware today comes from the web.

Any website is a target for a hacker. Whether it is for malicious purposes like infecting your site with malware, or simply to deface it for political reasons – any website is a target. South Africa, and South African websites are currently targeted and SA is experiencing the third highest phishing attack rates in the world right now. With more and more people using CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress and Joomla, the risk of getting hacked is even greater.

The great thing about WordPress and Joomla is that anyone can create a website using it – you don’t need any technical knowledge and this is perfect for the layman. The problem with WordPress and Joomla is that most of the people using it have no technical knowledge on the subject and are laymen in this field. Due to this, little or no security measures are taken – with CMS systems which are Opensource and freely available for study by anyone – including hackers and fraudsters.

A simple search in Google for ‘wordpress blog hacked’ returns just under 9 million results. The results for Joomla looks pretty much the same.

We have a proven track record as an industry leader in Web Security. We run our own honeypot sites that collect hack attempts and spam IP’s which we use to block on sites that we secure. Our core focus is on WordPress security, as well as Joomla Security.

We are here to help!

Having your website hacked can be quite a traumatic experience.  Removing the hack can seem close to impossible at times. We are here to help. With more than 4500 (and counting!) hack repairs behind us, we have your site back online within hours.  The quicker you respond the quicker we can help you get your business back online.

Hack removal: R899-00
Site Security : R950


Hack removal + Site Secure + PENTEST: ONLY R1999-00

For more info send a email to management@padroni.info