Have you got a domain and web hosting? We live in a time where we spend most of our time online. Your potential client is online this minute presently looking for a business that offers the services or products yours does. Whether you supply services, sell a product, or follow a customary physical plan of action, a social and web presence is important and can be fundamental in your business’s success. And a website is the first step to getting your business online.

We answer everyone’s questions from what a domain name is to registering a domain in South Africa or worldwide.

How do I register a domain?

It’s as easy as:

  1. Email support@padroni.info to create an account with us.
  2. Choose a few domain names that will suit your business.
  3. Email us with your list and we will inform you as to which ones are available.
  4. You pay for your chosen domain name, and we register it in your name.

How much is it to register a domain?

From just R105 once a year, you can register your domain name with us very fast. you’ve got plenty of domain names and web addresses to pick from and therefore the price may fluctuate according to the web address. From trendy.co.za or .com domains to speciality .institute and .photography web addresses to offer some examples, the possibilities are infinite.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is your address on the web (online). It’s the special address that your customers type into an online browser that transports them to your front door. It usually contains your businesses name tailed by.co.za or .com behind it.

How do I pick my domain name?

Choosing your domain name is often complicated but there are a couple of things to remember when making your choice. Your domain name is the first thing your guests see and thus it has to be short and draw people to your site. Branding is a crucial aspect of selecting a domain name. If you’ve got existing customers, it might benefit you to put your company name in the URL.

Use easy or ordinary spelling when choosing a domain name. Your domain name isn’t the place to experiment with peculiar spelling choices. Make your URL name easy to type, easy to recall and recognizable to the customers.

Think area. If you are a local business that only operates in Pretoria, consider having a .pretoria URL. It’s great for search engines because people will naturally search geographically. Or you could pick your address according to your speciality or business. A painter could pick a specialised domain name that ends in .painter to indicate what precisely they have to offer. There are many domain names and web addresses to choose from, in fact, the possibilities are infinite. Just be sure to choose one that truly expresses who you are and what your business is. 


Ok, have a domain, what now?

You have a parking number (address) for your website and now all you have to do is get the specific garage in the shape of web hosting to park your car. you would like web hosting to house your car (website files) and ensure your website reachable on the web.

We have a wide assortment of web hosting packages to select from reliant on the size of your car (website) and therefore the amount of storage you need.

Web hosting (Your Garage)

This is a crucial part of getting a website because it allows your site to be live and reachable on the web. The simplest web hosting in South Africa is at your fingertips with our all-inclusive web hosting packages. Our award-winning cPanel hosting is reliable and our servers are hosted in South Africa and worldwide. After you’ve registered your domain with us, you are going to require web hosting for your site to be reachable on the web.